Spartan Grapple Challenge 13
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The Southwest's biggest grappling competition

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Have you ever wanted to learn MMA or grappling for fun, competition, enjoyment or to improve your rugby skills?

At Spartan Submission Fighting, we aim to teach you new skills and techniques that will not only improve your fighting / self defence skills and increase your fitness, but also give you more self confidence and functional skills for everyday life.

For those who wish to improve their rugby skills, wrestling is the perfect addition to your training. Wrestling is used by all the top international countries to improve their performance. One of our students is Bristol rugby’s wrestling coach.

Spartan Submission Fighting has a proven track record; we have produced three MMA champions, many grappling competition winners and a number of other skilled athletes in MMA and grappling. We have many members who train to learn new skills, keep fit and have fun.

Whether you want to be a champion or train for fitness, we have classes to suit everyone. Come and learn from some of the top coaches who have competed at a high level and enjoy passing on their knowledge. You will learn in a friendly enthusiastic environment and be part of a team.

Everyone over 18 years of age are welcome.


Train to be a champion, learn new skills and get fit!

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